Dr Colagrande was appointed by Addenbrooke’s National Health Service Trust Committee, Honorary Fellow in Cosmetic/Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. In 2002 he also launched his private practice in central London. He took the chance and seized the opportunity securing opulent clinic offices amongst the most eminent cosmetic surgeons in the world, in Harley Street, central London and operating at the prestigious Highgate Private Hospital, London.

Based in Harley Street, London, Dr Colagrande was featured on London TV documentaries such as Model Behaviour, invited on extreme make over shows such as “Ten Years Younger” and interviewed by London papers and magazines. He was involved in establishing Britons first anti-ageing clinic.


Dr Colagrande's consulting rooms, Harley Street, London, England

Dr Colagrande, Highgate Hospital, London, England

Dr Colagrande, Highgate Hospital, London, England

Dr Colagrande, featured on London TV documentary, Model Behaviour

Dr Colagrande's celebrity patient under disguise after having a breast enlargement

Dr Colagrande sets a landmark by helping establish Britain’s first anti-ageing clinic

Dr Colagrande features on "Extreme Makeovers"

Dr Colagrande was appointed the first Honorary Fellow in Aethetic/Cosmetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery by Addenbrokkes NHS Trust Committee

Famous Harley Street, London, England

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